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Holiday – Security Advice
6/27/2018 10:14:29 AM

Holiday – Security Advice


Secure your home whilst you're on holiday

Follow our advice below to help keep your home safe while you are on holiday


  • Fit good quality kite marked British Standard locks or bolts to all outside doors. Lock all windows and doors and remove the keys to a safe place when you leave the house.
  • If you have an intruder alarm, make sure it’s set. If you don’t have one consider having an approved alarm system installed. Ensure keyholders are updated and contactable.
  • Make use of timer plugs with lamps and radios to make your home seem occupied. Arrange for a relative, trusted friend or neighbour to check your home, collect post, open and close curtains.
  • Don’t leave valuable items such as laptops and jewellery in view of windows. Lock valuable items in a ground anchored safe or you could consider leaving important documents and valuable items with other family members whilst away.
  • Make sure all access points are secured such as gates and activate any external security lighting that you may have.
  • Ensure gardening equipment, tools and ladders are put away and securely stored. Don’t leave them lying around in your garden as they could aid offenders.
  • Ensure your garden is well maintained, grass cut etc. prior to going on holiday and during holiday if away for a longer period.
  • Ensure that sheds and outbuildings are locked and secured. Use good quality locks on garages and sheds (ensure screws on latches and hinges cannot be undone easily from the outside) and where possible ensure that they are alarmed
  • Mark your valuables such as jewellery and electronic equipment including your gardening equipment, tools and other valuables stored in sheds and garages with your postcode. Visibly marking items with your postcode offers more of a deterrent, and ensure that you use window stickers to show items are marked and identifiable.
  • Photograph and keep detailed records of expensive items.
  • Cancel any regular deliveries and only tell people who need to know you’re going away.
  • Don’t post or comment on social media about going or being on holiday. You wouldn’t display a sign in your window advertising that you’re going on holiday, so don’t advertise it online.
  • Make sure that you have up-to-date contents and buildings insurance.
  • Don’t have your home address showing on your luggage for the outward journey. Put this only on the inside of your cases.
  • Consider joining or starting a Neighbourhood Watch  / Rural Watch – further information at www.neighbourhoodwatchscotland.co.uk
  • Cars can be a target. Secure cars in a locked garage or if in driveway consider additional visible steering lock (Thatcham tested / approved ) If you have a keyless car, secure keys as far away as possible from accessible doors/ windows and keep in a signal blocking wallet
courier fraud
6/17/2018 9:51:37 AM

The National Fraud Intelligence Bureau has identified an increasing number of reports submitted to Action Fraud from the public concerning courier fraud.

Fraudsters are contacting victims by telephone and purporting to be a police officer or bank official. To substantiate this claim, the caller might be able to confirm some easily obtainable basic details about the victim such as their full name and address. They may also offer a telephone number for the victim to call to check that they are genuine; this number is not genuine and simply redirects to the fraudster who pretends to be a different person. After some trust has been established, the fraudster will then, for example, suggest;

- Some money has been removed from a victim’s bank account and staff at their local bank branch are responsible.

- Suspects have already been arrested but the “police” need money for evidence.

- A business such as a jewellers or currency exchange is operating fraudulently and they require assistance to help secure evidence.


Victims are then asked to cooperate in an investigation by attending their bank and withdrawing money, withdrawing foreign currency from an exchange or purchasing an expensive item to hand over to a courier for examination who will also be a fraudster. Again, to reassure the victim, a safe word might be communicated to the victim so the courier appears genuine.

At the time of handover, unsuspecting victims are promised the money they’ve handed over or spent will be reimbursed but in reality there is no further contact and the money is never seen again.

Protect Yourself

Your bank or the police will never:

- Phone and ask you for your PIN or full banking password.

- Ask you to withdraw money to hand over to them for safe-keeping, or send someone to your home to collect cash, PIN, cards or cheque books if you are a victim of fraud.


Don’t assume an email or phone call is authentic
Just because someone knows your basic details (such as your name and address or even your mother’s maiden name), it doesn’t mean they are genuine. Be mindful of who you trust – criminals may try and trick you into their confidence by telling you that you’ve been a victim of fraud


Stay in control

If something feels wrong then it is usually right to question it. Have the confidence to refuse unusual requests for personal or financial information.


For more information about how to protect yourself online visit

www.cyberaware.gov.uk  and www.takefive.stopfraud.org.uk 

Tsb Phishing Attacks
5/27/2018 10:16:07 AM

4/19/2018 2:56:29 PM

Trading Standards have received reports of consumers and businesses in the Dumfries and Galloway area receiving telephone calls claiming to be from debt collection agencies. The phone calls state that the consumer or business has an upcoming court case, which will cost tens of thousands of pounds to settle.

If you receive this type of phonecall, our advice is to terminate the call and do not give the caller any personal information (such as bank details etc) under any circumstances. Genuine businesses do not operate in this way and will never as you for personal details or payment over the phone.

Please report any suspicious calls to Trading Standards on 08454 04 05 06, or Action Fraud on 0300 123 4040.

Livestock Worrying
3/30/2018 11:58:27 AM

Police Scotland – Livestock Worrying Campaign

The following video is now available for viewing and sharing with family, friends, neighbours and colleagues. It contains important safety advice for all dog owners and outlines the distress caused to sheep and consequences of allowing uncontrolled dogs near sheep/ livestock.


  • Be a responsible dog owner
  • Keep your dog under control and on a lead if walking in the countryside, rural locations or near the edge of town and near sheep or livestock
  • Be aware of the distress and serious injury a dog can cause sheep. A dog’s natural instinct is to chase.
  • Livestock worrying is a crime and will be dealt with by the Police. Farmers also have a legal right to shoot dogs engaged in livestock worrying.
  • If you witness or have any information on a livestock / sheep worrying incident please call Police on 101 or call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 if you prefer to remain anonymous.

 Video is available on link below:


NWS Team
Trading Standars Warning
3/19/2018 7:16:55 PM

Following several recent complaints of rogue traders operating across the Dumfries and Galloway area, Trading Standards are once again reminding local residents not to engage with cold-callers.
We would urge all householders to be aware that even if a company has a brochure and company name on a van, this does not always mean they are a reliable trader. For any home improvement works, our advice is to always use a Trusted Trader. www.dumgal.gov.uk/trustedtrader.

Please be mindful of elderly or vulnerable friends, family and neighbours, and pass this advice on to them. If they genuinely need work doing, stay with them while a trader is there, removing any confusion as to what needs doing or has been agreed.
If you have been called in this way and require further advice, or simply want to report the matter, please contact Trading Standards via the Citizens Advice Consumer Helpline on 03454 04 05 06, or via the ‘Report It’ button the Council Website: http://bit.ly/2EcmlmR
Alternatively, you can contact Police Scotland on 101.
Remember: if in doubt, keep them out!

false TPS claims
3/17/2018 9:07:35 AM

council tax scam
3/16/2018 11:33:15 AM

Council Tax Scam Calls.
We have been made aware that scammers have been making bogus calls to people in the region claiming to be from our Council Tax Service, saying the resident is ‘paying too much’ and wanting to check the residents personal details.
This is a recognised scam and people should be aware. People are targeted once Council Tax notices have been sent out.
If you receive a suspicious call please report scams to the national consumer helpline on 0345 404 0506.
Remember you can have your Council Tax checked at:
If you have any elderly or vulnerable relatives, friends or neighbours, please make them aware of this issue.
If the caller becomes aggressive, please contact Police Scotland on 101.
Cold Callers
1/9/2018 10:39:20 AM


Trading Standards have received reports of doorstep and telephone callers in the local area offering home improvement services, in particular driveway work.

As always, we would advise all residents not to engage with doorstep callers. These callers will often use persuasive or aggressive tactics to get householders to agree to have work done, then charge far more than was quoted for poor quality work. They also often fail to provide a legally required cancellation notice which enables the householder to cancel the work within a 14 day cooling off period. For any home improvement works, we would always encourage you to use a Trusted Trader: www.dumgal.gov.uk/trustedtrader

If you have been called in this way and require further advice, or simply want to report the matter, please contact us via the Citizens Advice Consumer Helpline on 03454 04 05 06, or alternatively contact Police Scotland on 101.

Remember: if in doubt, keep them out!

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