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NWS Partnerships
7/9/2019 4:43:02 PM

we are delighted to bring you some exciting news. At our last AGM and through recent newsletters we introduced you to one of our key partners – the Scottish Community Safety Network (SCSN). Over the past 12 months we have progressed our partnership and are delighted to report that from October 2019, SCSN will host Neighbourhood Watch Scotland.  That means we are entering a contractual partnership with SCSN who will provide management, administration and governance support to NWS. In return NWS will allow SCSN to have much better links with communities and community groups.

This decision has not taken place overnight. Whilst the Neighbourhood Watch Scotland network has grown by over 80% in the past 3 years and benefited from the application of our key principles of ‘Your Watch, Your Way’ and ‘getting the right information to the right people at the right time’ we know that the next step forward cannot be made in isolation and needs effective partnership working. With this in mind since August 2018 NWS and SCSN have conducted joint development events and established a joint working group. These identified areas of expertise that both organisations bring to the partnership in addition to identifying their shared strategic and operational requirements. In short the organisations need one another and community safety in Scotland will benefit from the partnership.

The organisations have taken legal advice on partnership options with both agreeing the most suitable partnership model to be that of a Contractual Co-operative Partnership. This option should be able to deliver the agreed outcomes of both organisations without the need to establish a more complex structure of governance and without incurring significant establishment or operational costs. This option would also allow the required flexibility for the partnership to further evolve in the years ahead.

The partnership will have other mutual benefits such as a closer working relationship, sharing of work sites and equipment, representation on each other’s Boards and some shared staff resources. For community safety in Scotland the new partnership brings together two significant organisations working to keep our communities safer and will ensure a more co-ordinated support for Community Safety Partnerships and local communities across Scotland.

Importantly both organisations will retain separate identities, their charitable status and there will be no change to the level of service they provide to members and communities.

In addition to this major structural development we have some other changes on the horizon

With so much happening we look forward to our 2019 Annual General Meeting which has been scheduled as follows:
Date:  Monday 23rd September 2019
Time:  10.30 registration for an 11.00 start (partner presentations after lunch 1200-1230).
Duration: 11.00 to 14.00.                                             
Venue: The Dumyat Room, Enterprise House, Springkerse, Stirling, FK7 7UF 
Security Advice
2/6/2019 7:36:23 PM

There were 88 theft by housebreaking (including attempts) in Annandale & Eskdale between April and December 2018.

Police Scotland offers a free home security survey to anyone who wants to review the security of their home. The survey, carried out by one of our Crime Reduction Officers will give practical and low cost advice on how best to secure your home and could include advice on lighting or CCTV.

To get one of these surveys, call us on 101 and ask to be put through to your local Crime Reduction Officer. We will make an appointment suitable to you to come and carry out the survey.

"By taking basic crime prevention steps, you can help make it harder for thieves. Simple things like always locking and securing your home when leaving it unattended or small changes to lighting or window locks could be all it takes to deter thieves. Working together we can help reduce crime, and ensure that the number of those who experience the trauma of a break-in is kept to a minimum.”

2/4/2019 11:15:06 PM


“If something looks out of place, seems a bit unusual or just gives you the feeling that something’s not quite right, then call it in to Police Scotland,” urges Detective Inspector Dean Little.

Over recent weeks we have seen a spike in break-ins to business and homes and we believe this is down to teams of organised travelling criminals from outwith the area. We suspect from our investigations, at least two of these break-ins have been carried out by the same people, who have returned to target Dumfries and Galloway again.

We will continue to work away in the background to identify and bring those responsible to justice, however you can help and that's why I’m asking everyone to pay attention to strange faces or vehicles that they see in their neighbourhood.

Very often those who would break into our homes and property carry out some form of recce of the area prior to carrying out the crime. If you see someone sneaking around, make sure you contact Police Scotland on the 101 number, or if it is an emergency, through the 999 number.

A call to report such behaviour is never a wasted call, and if made at the time, gives our officers a chance to check the matter out there and then, as opposed to learning about it after the crime has been committed.

HM Revenue and Customs Alert
1/8/2019 9:46:19 AM

HM Revenue and Customs Alert

What you need to know
Action Fraud has experienced an increase in the reporting of malicious calls, voicemails, text messages or emails to members of the public purporting to be from HMRC.

The fraudsters state that as a result of their non-payment of tax or other duty, the victim is liable to prosecution or other legal proceedings such as repossession of belongings to settle the balance but can avoid this by arranging for payment to be made immediately by method such as bank transfer or by iTunes gift cards.

If the victim is hesitant or refuses to comply, the suspect makes a threat such as immediate arrest, bailiffs or in cases where the victim appears to be of overseas origin; deportation.

Often, the period for which the tax is allegedly due is distant enough to guarantee the victim will have little, if any, paperwork or ability to verify the claims. Once the money is paid the suspects sever all contact.

It is vital that the public exercise caution when receiving messages or telephone calls of this nature.

What you need to do
Always question unsolicited requests for your personal or financial information. Just because someone knows your basic details (such as your name and contact details), it doesn't mean they are genuine. Instead, contact the company directly using trusted methods such as a known email address or phone number.

Listen to your instincts. If something feels wrong then it is usually right to question it. No genuine organisation will ask you to pay taxes, bills or fees using iTunes Gift Cards, or any other type of voucher.

Don’t be rushed or pressured into making a decision. Under no circumstances would a genuine bank or some other trusted organisation force you to make a financial transaction on the spot.

Report Phishing attempts. If you receive a call, text or email of this nature and have not lost money, report this as a phishing attempt to Action Fraud.

Adults at Risk
8/2/2018 8:59:39 AM

Adult Support and Protection Campaign - “Seen Something? Say Something”


  • Adult harm can take many forms from neglect, physical, psychological, sexual or financial exploitation.
  • Adults particularly at risk of harm are those who may not be able to look after themselves through factors such as personal circumstances, physical or learning disability, age or illness and infirmity.
  • Act on your suspicions or instincts if you think an adult is being harmed, neglected or exploited.
  • It only takes an email or an anonymous phone call to your local social work department to report it, and they will investigate it sensitively
  • For advice and support visit :


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