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Trading Standards Advice
11/21/2017 11:51:36 AM

Trading Standards Advice

With deals on offer for everything from electronic gadgets to designer clothing, it can be difficult to spot the difference between a genuine bargain and goods which could be counterfeit, or may not even exist. Follow our tips to avoid being caught out by scammers this Black Friday.

Only use online retailers that you know of and trust. For major brands always go to the official website to find a list of authorised sellers.

Check delivery, warranty and returns policies – be especially careful when purchasing expensive items.

Do not respond to or open links in e-mails from unknown sources, no matter how good the offer may sound.

Resilience Advice
11/7/2017 9:26:53 AM

Resilience Advice – Ready Scotland


This week, the Scottish Government is running its annual campaign to raise awareness of the benefits of fostering resilience as individuals, families, communities and businesses.

Nobody likes to think about the worst case scenario. As the nights begin to draw in, planning for what you might do in the event of severe weather or a cyber-security breach might not be top of your agenda.  But thinking ahead a little now, and knowing where to find support, can make a huge difference.  

Resilience is not about strength, or about resisting problems altogether – it’s about bouncing back, about recovering well, and assisting others in doing so too.  In order to do that, it pays to keep informed, take sensible precautions, and think about how you can help others in the community around you.  

The best way to do that is to get ready in advance, and there is plenty of help and guidance available on ReadyScotland.org to get you started.

You can also follow along on social media this week by searching for the hashtag #readyscotland


Community and Home Resilience

Do you have an emergency plan?  Use this simple tool to create and print your own https://tinyurl.com/readyscotlandplan #readyscotland

Does your home have an emergency kit?  Take a few minutes and check off the items here https://tinyurl.com/readyscotlandkit #readyscotland

Interested in getting your community ready for emergencies?  Check out the guide on https://tinyurl.com/readyscotlandcommunityplan #readyscotland

Everyone can help in an emergency – fill out this family-friendly plan with your children https://tinyurl.com/readyscotlandfamilyworkbook #readyscotland

If it's cold outside, you need to be warm inside - check these tips for keeping safe and warm https://tinyurl.com/safe-warm #readyscotland

Unsure how to protect your pipes in cold weather?  Scottish Water’s handy guide may help https://tinyurl.com/protectyourpipes #readyscotland

Why not take five minutes this week to make sure your home is ready for the unexpected?  https://www.readyscotland.org/areyou-ready/  #readyscotland

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