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Property Marking Something To Think about
4/18/2020 12:10:40 PM

There are many methods of property marking available. Some of these are obvious, some are invisible or hidden. They range from simple ultra violet pens to etching and engraving, as well as many varied commercial products and schemes. Property that is clearly and obviously marked is less attractive to a thief as it is more difficult to sell.

Stolen property, recovered by Police, is more easily returned to its rightful owner if it is clearly marked with identifiable information.

Postcode System
How you decide to mark your property the post code system of property marking is recommended. It is possible to deliver a letter using only a house number and the correct postcode, therefore, by using the same principles it is possible to locate the owner of property, if that property is marked using the owner’s house number and postcode. Adding the owner’s initials makes it even more traceable to the individual. Eg. MA FK7 7UF.

UV marking pens are popular for ‘property marking schemes’. People like the idea of invisibly marking their property. It is less valuable to the thief to sell as the markings make it less attractive to a buyer. It is also more readily identifiable and may lead to the thief being caught and charged for theft.

Take all reasonable steps to mark your property to reduce the likelihood of it being stolen but in the undesirable circumstance that your property is stolen or lost, if it is marked then the chances of it being identified and returned to you are greatly increased.

Permanently mark all your property and also keep an inventory of each item, including description, value, make, model, serial number etc. and the nature of any security marking. This can also be useful if you need to make an insurance claim following a theft or damage.

Forensic Marking

A colourless liquid solution can be applied to your valuable items, including jewellery, ornaments, electrical items and even vehicles. This is forensic marking, the liquid solution gives your property a chemical ‘code’, which is unique to your items and you. It cannot be seen by the naked eye and is very difficult to remove. The solution glows under ultraviolet light, allowing police to detect it.

Criminals are aware of forensic marking, they know that it can be used as evidence and forensically link them to a crime, such as theft, robbery and housebreaking.
Below are links to UK based forensic marking providers. Their websites have loads of useful information to guide you to what may be right for you:-

SelectaDNA   https://www.selectadna.co.uk/
Smartwater  https://shop.smartwater.com/household-products/

Neighbourhood Watch Scotland does not specifically endorse any one of these products. In our view, they are all equally effective.

The above are all accredited by: Secured by Design www.securedbydesign.com which is the UK police flagship initiative supporting the principles of ‘designing out crime’ by using effective crime prevention and security standards for a range of applications.
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